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Responses to some comments

Some people insist that there is still a working class. For example, Capitalists are those who obtain a majority of their incomes from capital (interest, dividends, capital gains, profits). Workers are those who can reasonably expect to get a majority … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts’ Twelve Rules for Life

I think that they are really good. Here is one example: Give up a lot to be at a funeral You can always find an excuse for not going. It’s in the middle of the day, you have a lot … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts, Helen Pluckrose, and James Lindsay

In last week’s podcast, she says, what tends to happen is that, like, moderate Right-wingers will see the extremes of the Left and become convinced that this represents the Left. And that the whole of the Left has to be … Continue reading

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The supply is too damn low (housing)

Edward Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko write, Empirical investigations of the local costs and benefits of restricting building generally conclude that the negative externalities are not nearly large enough to justify the costs of regulation. Adding the costs from substitute building … Continue reading

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Rental inflation pressures falling?

Sarah Chaney (WSJ) reports, Rents are rising at the slowest pace in more than a year… A measure of what Americans are paying for rent was up 3.7% in October and again in November from a year earlier. Rent inflation … Continue reading

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Kling writes about housing finance reform

For a Heritage Foundation volume. In my chapter, I write, One obvious improvement would be to eliminate all government subsidies for mortgages to non-owner-occupants. It seems likely that this policy change alone could have greatly reduced the severity of the … Continue reading

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The Null Hypothesis in Education, Restated

By request. I probably should look up earlier statements before writing this, but I hope I am consistent. Consider an education intervention and a set of tests that it must pass. The intervention could be “more spending” or “method X … Continue reading

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Tyler Cowen on Culture and Economics

He writes, how do differences of culture — however defined — interact with traditional economic mechanisms involving prices, incomes, and simple comparative statics? Are those competing explanations, namely cultural vs. economic? Ought they to dovetail nicely in some kind of … Continue reading

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What Are Americans Moving Less?

Timothy Taylor writes, between the 2002-3 and 2015-16 measurements, the share of moves that were 50 miles or less rose from 32.3% of all moves to 42.3% of all moves. The main offsetting decline was in moves of between 200 … Continue reading

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On the Topic of the Day

Joel Kotkin writes, America is a nation of many economies, but those that produce real, tangible things — food, fiber, energy and manufactured goods — went overwhelmingly for Trump. On Facebook, I wrote, I feel sorry for the supporters of … Continue reading

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