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Rental inflation pressures falling?

Sarah Chaney (WSJ) reports, Rents are rising at the slowest pace in more than a year… A measure of what Americans are paying for rent was up 3.7% in October and again in November from a year earlier. Rent inflation … Continue reading

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Kling writes about housing finance reform

For a Heritage Foundation volume. In my chapter, I write, One obvious improvement would be to eliminate all government subsidies for mortgages to non-owner-occupants. It seems likely that this policy change alone could have greatly reduced the severity of the … Continue reading

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The Null Hypothesis in Education, Restated

By request. I probably should look up earlier statements before writing this, but I hope I am consistent. Consider an education intervention and a set of tests that it must pass. The intervention could be “more spending” or “method X … Continue reading

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Tyler Cowen on Culture and Economics

He writes, how do differences of culture — however defined — interact with traditional economic mechanisms involving prices, incomes, and simple comparative statics? Are those competing explanations, namely cultural vs. economic? Ought they to dovetail nicely in some kind of … Continue reading

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What Are Americans Moving Less?

Timothy Taylor writes, between the 2002-3 and 2015-16 measurements, the share of moves that were 50 miles or less rose from 32.3% of all moves to 42.3% of all moves. The main offsetting decline was in moves of between 200 … Continue reading

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On the Topic of the Day

Joel Kotkin writes, America is a nation of many economies, but those that produce real, tangible things — food, fiber, energy and manufactured goods — went overwhelmingly for Trump. On Facebook, I wrote, I feel sorry for the supporters of … Continue reading

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Book Discussion, Boston Area on Sunday the 18th

My thinking is to have a discussion with a handful of folks while taking a walk along the Charles from, say, 2 to 3:30 PM. If interested, send a message to arnold at-sign

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Technical Difficulties

I continue to have problems reaching this blog (which means I have a hard time updating it). Others are also reporting problems. The best advice I have gotten has been to re-start my router. This has worked a couple of … Continue reading

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Any Difficulty Reaching this Blog?

I have been having problems connecting to this blog during the past 48 hours. My web hosting service thinks that the trouble is at my end. Has anyone else been getting a “could not connect” message in the last two … Continue reading

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Blogging will be light for a while, as we adjust to being grandparents. I have no idea why WordPress insists on turning us upside down.

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