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Symposium on Low Interest Rates

From the Mercatus center. The contributions are not coordinated in any way. We wrote essays about causes, effects, predictions, …whatever we felt like, on the general subject of the implications of low interest rates and the potential for them to … Continue reading

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If David Cutler were an Entrepreneur

He would buy a hospital. Let me explain. The IGM forum polled economists to see if they agreed with this statement: Long run fiscal sustainability in the US will require some combination of cuts in currently promised Medicare, Medicaid and … Continue reading

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Doug Elmendorf on the Debt

He writes, Together with Brookings Senior Fellow Louise Sheiner, I have analyzed alternative explanations for low Treasury rates and the implications of each for budget policy (Elmendorf and Sheiner, 2016). We found that most explanations imply that the country should … Continue reading

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Jason Collins reviews Jonathan Last

Collins writes, So, if government can’t make people have children they don’t want and can’t simply ship them in, Last asks if they could help people get the children they do want. As children go on to be taxpayers, government … Continue reading

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The Bond Bubble

Balazs Csullag, Jon Danielsson, and Robert Macrae write, A rational buy-and-hold investor who trusts the central banks should not buy long-dated bonds. While a high degree of central bank credibility used to be important to bond holders, today this seems … Continue reading

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Consolidating the Central Bank and the Treasury

Thomas Klitgaard and Harry Wheeler write, The discussion above offers up a perspective on what is meant by “monetizing debt.” This term refers to a central bank buying government bonds and promising to keep them on its balance sheet with … Continue reading

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An Accounting Threat

The WSJ reports, Starting in 2017, EU rules will require European governments to calculate the total amount they must pay current and future pensioners. Making this obligation more visible could spur them to deal with it, said Hans Hoogervorst, chairman … Continue reading

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The Issue that Worries Me

Alan J. Auerbach and William G. Gale write, Although current deficits are reasonably low, the medium and long-term fiscal outlooks have deteriorated in the past year, due largely to legislative actions (and their implications for future policy) and changes in … Continue reading

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Raise the Age of Government Dependency

Courtney Coile, Kevin S. Milligan, and David A. Wise write, This is the introduction and summary to the seventh phase of an ongoing project on Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World. The project compares the experiences of a … Continue reading

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Social (In-) Security

Erzo F.P. Luttmer and Andrew A. Samwick write, On average, our survey respondents expect to receive only about 60 percent of the benefits they are supposed to get under current law. We document the wide variation around the expectation for … Continue reading

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