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Infrastructure for self-driving cars

Marty Padgett writes, The infrastructure needed to support completely self-driving cars won’t be ready any time soon. If and when it does happen, that infrastructure is at least decades away–and it will come with a multi-billion-dollar pricetag. Pointer from James … Continue reading

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Todd Zywicki on Consumer Finance Regulation

He writes, Market-replacing regulatory strategies seek to limit choice and competition through prohibitions or restrictions. . .A market-reinforcing regulatory strategy, by contrast, seeks to promote competition and choice That is from his essay in the compendium, Reframing Financial Regulation. Think … Continue reading

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Principles-Based Regulation

Philip K. Howard writes, Hundreds of federal safety specifications for factory equipment could be encompassed within one general principle: “Tools and equipment shall be reasonably suited for the use intended, in accordance with industry standards.” Is there room for disagreement? … Continue reading

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Who Needs the FCC?

The WaPo reports, Many of the FCC’s existing functions could be farmed out, Jamison wrote in the blog post. Subsidies for phone and Internet service could be handled by state governments, while the Federal Trade Commission could handle consumer complaints … Continue reading

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Regulation and Sustainability

Concerning a new EPA regulation, Jennifer Ko writes, many industry and environmental groups have failed to address one important aspect of biofuel regulations—the effect that increased ethanol use will have on dwindling water supplies in the United States. Jay Famiglietti, … Continue reading

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What Socialism Looks Like in America

New York state legislature effectively bans airbnb. It does so by imposing a $7500 fine on anyone who so much as advertises a short-term rental. “The bill says: You can’t advertise an illegal activity,’” Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, a Manhattan Democrat … Continue reading

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Urban (non-) Development, Explained Simply

by Megan McArdle. most people really don’t like living in high rises, or near poor people, and that the legal revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s have allowed affluent elites to make those wishes come true, at the expense of … Continue reading

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From the Right-Wing Conspiracy Wing Nuts

For example, the FDA assures the public that it is committed to transparency, but the documents show that, privately, the agency denies many reporters access—including ones from major outlets such as Fox News—and even deceives them with half-truths to handicap … Continue reading

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A Congressional Regulation Office?

Philip Wallach and Kevin R. Kosar write, The office would have two core functions. First, it would perform cost-benefit analyses of agencies’ significant rules, which number around a hundred per year, in order to provide a disinterested check on agencies’ … Continue reading

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When Price Regulation is the Solution. . .

Scott Alexander writes, Some people have talked about funding research via “prizes” rather than through an investment-and-profit model. Some people say we should fund it publicly through the NIH or something, which we already sort of do to a degree. … Continue reading

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