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Grumpy support for universal basic income

In the WSJ, John Cochrane advocates getting rid of the personal income tax, the corporate income tax, and the estate tax. Instead, he favors a VAT. En passant, he advocates a universal basic income, without calling it that. On his … Continue reading

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Should we miss the working class?

Brink Lindsey writes, people are not machines, and they don’t like being treated as such. By inducing millions of people to take up factory work and creating a social order in which those millions’ physical survival depended upon their doing … Continue reading

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Is trickle-down mostly local?

Sam Wetherell writes, the fifty largest metropolitan areas house just 7 percent of the world’s population but generate 40 percent of its growth. These “superstar” cities are becoming gated communities, their vibrancy replaced with deracinated streets full of Airbnbs and … Continue reading

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Bobos and their children

David Brooks writes, The educated class has built an ever more intricate net to cradle us in and ease everyone else out. It’s not really the prices that ensure 80 percent of your co-shoppers at Whole Foods are, comfortingly, also … Continue reading

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Four Forces Watch

Richard Reeves says, What’s been driving the kind of economic separation has been a combination of two main factors: One, well-established earnings inequality and higher returns to higher education at the top. And then actually you see this stunningly unromantic … Continue reading

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Patrick Watson on grocery store divergence

He writes, The Protected class’s increasing separation from mainstream society is a trend that we increasingly see reflected in retailing. Stores that cater to either the top or bottom extremes – luxury retailers and dollar stores – are doing well. … Continue reading

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Ed Glaeser on employment policy

He writes, Why, since 1970, has each new downturn added to the ranks of the permanently unemployed? Social science has not fully answered this question, but the best guess involves a combination of a generous social safety net, deindustrialization, and … Continue reading

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The outlook for today’s young adults

Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox write, They have entered an economy where the most rapid job growth for their generation has been in generally low-paying professions, such as leisure/hospitality and healthcare, while jobs in higher-paying fields such as information, finance, … Continue reading

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The Labor Share Story

Noah Smith writes, There are, by my count, now four main potential explanations for the mysterious slide in labor’s share. These are: 1) China, 2) robots, 3) monopolies and 4) landlords. Pointer from Mark Thoma. Smith’s essay is a useful … Continue reading

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Interfirm Inequality

Timothy Taylor writes, a rise in between-firm inequality suggests that the US and other leading economies are becoming a more economically segregated, in the sense that those with high pay and those with lower pay are becoming less likely to … Continue reading

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