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My thoughts on middle-class stagnation six years ago

A reader reminded me of this post. Let us consider some possibilities. 1. Maybe the middle class is not going to stagnate. Both Tyler Cowen and Eric Brynjolfsson have it wrong. We are all in a pessimistic mood now, but … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts on middle-class income stagnation

Using an animated format, he starts to delve into the statistics. It is aimed at people without formal education in economics, but it struck me that some of the points that it makes might be best appreciated by a trained … Continue reading

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Ray Dalio’s data points

The essay is on inequality, but there are interesting statistics scattered throughout. For example, While many of the major causes of death have been flat or falling over the last 15 years, deaths from drugs and alcohol more than offset … Continue reading

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Missing from the St. Louis merger story: Clayton

The WSJ reports, A group of business leaders with bipartisan political backing see a common issue behind the problems—the region’s multitude of local governments. They are pushing a plan to explore the reunification of the city and county to make … Continue reading

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The Richard Reeves recommendations

From a review of The Dream Hoarders: Reeves is optimistic, however, that the correct policy agenda can reverse this trend. His policy background shines through in the clarity of his seven-point agenda. The first four focus on equalizing human capital … Continue reading

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Changes in the distribution of net worth

From an article in Bloomberg: In 2007, half of families had a net worth of $139,700 or more and half fell below this level. By 2016, the midpoint dropped to $97,300 — a decline of $42,600. Families ranked in the … Continue reading

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Big cities vs. the rest

Philip Auerswald suggests that this is the key political and tribal divide. the 21st century, certainly the 20th century going into the 21st, has been an era in which the largest cities have become even more dominant and have driven … Continue reading

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Grumpy support for universal basic income

In the WSJ, John Cochrane advocates getting rid of the personal income tax, the corporate income tax, and the estate tax. Instead, he favors a VAT. En passant, he advocates a universal basic income, without calling it that. On his … Continue reading

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Should we miss the working class?

Brink Lindsey writes, people are not machines, and they don’t like being treated as such. By inducing millions of people to take up factory work and creating a social order in which those millions’ physical survival depended upon their doing … Continue reading

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Is trickle-down mostly local?

Sam Wetherell writes, the fifty largest metropolitan areas house just 7 percent of the world’s population but generate 40 percent of its growth. These “superstar” cities are becoming gated communities, their vibrancy replaced with deracinated streets full of Airbnbs and … Continue reading

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