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Political Language Appropriation

A web site called Campus Reform reports, A conservative student at Orange Coast College has filed a civil rights violation report after a knife was found lying near hateful graffiti messages targeting him by name. . . “I am personally … Continue reading

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The Cato Institute on the Future of the Free Society

They write, We have reached out to leading thinkers and challenged them to answer the following questions: What are the most pressing challenges that free societies face in the coming years? What is the most important reason for optimism about … Continue reading

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The Alleged Problem of Crony Capitalism

This commenter is not buying it. It exists in some industries but it’s swamped by other factors, which creates the high turnover among the Fortune 500. Name an industry outside of healthcare or utilities that is “crony capitalist.” Technology? Retail? … Continue reading

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And a Lot Less Rock ‘n’ Roll

Peter Beinart thinks we need a whole lot more religion. Maybe it’s the values of hierarchy, authority, and tradition that churches instill. Maybe religion builds habits and networks that help people better weather national traumas, and thus retain their faith … Continue reading

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The Many Enemies of Liberty

Kevin Williamson writes, The old robber barons were far from being free-enterprise men: J. P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, like many businessmen of their generation, believed strongly in state-directed collusion among firms (they’d have said “coordination”) to avoid “destructive competition.” … Continue reading

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Charles Murray at Middlebury

The coverage in the Washington Post and in the New York Times was meager, with no follow-up op-eds. The Times story, to its credit, says in the lead paragraph that it was “an encounter that turned violent and left one … Continue reading

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Ev Psych and Motivated Reasoning

From a piece by Elizabeth Kolbert in the New Yorker. Living in small bands of hunter-gatherers, our ancestors were primarily concerned with their social standing, and with making sure that they weren’t the ones risking their lives on the hunt … Continue reading

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Libertarians vs. Human Nature

I believe that humans in large societies have two natural desires that frustrate libertarians. 1. A desire for religion, defined as a set of rituals, norms, and affirmations that are shared by a group and which the group believes it … Continue reading

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Different Types of Expertise

Something bothered me about the way that Tyler Cowen framed the issue of rule by experts vs. popular rule. He refers to David Levy and Sandra Peart’s new book, which I started reading. I think I am going to be … Continue reading

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Timothy Taylor on Homo Narrativus

He writes, Homo sapiens likes to protest that all conclusions come from a dispassionate consideration of the evidence. But again and again, you will observe that when a certain homo sapiens agrees with the main thrust of a certain narrative, … Continue reading

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