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The case against policy analysts

Robin Hanson writes, On the other side, however, are most experts in concrete policy analysis. They spend their time studying ways that schools could help people to learn more material, hospitals could help people get healthier, charities could better assist … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Friedman on expertise in public policy

The abstract says, How can political actors identify which putative expert is truly expert, given that any putative expert may be wrong about a given policy question; given that experts may therefore disagree with one another; and given that other … Continue reading

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A podcast discussion with Bill Walton

Not that Bill Walton, although this one is plenty tall. Here we are. Starting with the 3-axes model, we go on to a wide-ranging discussion that was fun for me.

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Patri Friedman on competitive government

Fifteen years ago, he wrote, Government service providers have monopolies over wide areas. Most people live in buildings and own lots of physical property. They are likely to have family and friends in the surrounding geographical area, and to work … Continue reading

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Movie review: The Post

It is going to be one of my ten favorite movies of all time. I cried several times anticipating the outcome of tense scenes. The key is to let the movie transport you back to 1971. At that time I … Continue reading

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Jonathan Haidt on the fragility of liberal democracy

He said, Here is the fine-tuned liberal democracy hypothesis: as tribal primates, human beings are unsuited for life in large, diverse secular democracies, unless you get certain settings finely adjusted to make possible the development of stable political life. This … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts on social control of sexual conduct

Noting that Matt Lauer could be fired but Al Franken and John Conyers could not, he writes, There’s an irony here. The government, which imposes regulations and other restrictions in a top-down way across the whole economy, has a strange … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Profits, parts 2 and 3

Part 2 talks about the necessity of the profit system. In a modern, large-scale economy, coordination takes place through a combination of bosses and profits. Bosses order people to undertake particular tasks. Profits and losses provide incentives to engage in … Continue reading

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What happened to the center?

James A. Lindsay And Helen Pluckrose write, When polarization is deep, the large and only slightly differentiated middle that normally has nothing to do with anti-modern extremists is repeatedly forced to take sides against whichever is, from their perch, easier … Continue reading

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Yoram Hazony on classical liberalism

He writes, Modern classical liberals, inheriting the rationalism of Hobbes and Locke, believe they can speak authoritatively to the political needs of every human society, everywhere. In his seminal work, “Liberalism” (1927), the great classical-liberal economist Ludwig von Mises thus … Continue reading

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