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Demonizing those who disagree

C Thi Nguyen writes, An ‘echo chamber’ is a social structure from which other relevant voices have been actively discredited. Where an epistemic bubble merely omits contrary views, an echo chamber brings its members to actively distrust outsiders. In their … Continue reading

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Jordan Greenhall on media and society

He writes, This is the formal core of the Blue Church: it solves the problem of 20th Century social complexity through the use of mass media to generate manageable social coherence. He argues that mass media facilitated a form of … Continue reading

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Try competing with Facebook

Tyler Cowen writes, I would instead start with the sentence “Most Americans don’t value their privacy or the security of their personal data very much,” and then discuss all the ways that limits regulation, or lowers the value of regulation, … Continue reading

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A pro-civilization faction?

Jacob Lyles writes, ProCiv probably favors a daring approach to institutional reform. Institutions like governments, universities, and the health care system represent society’s collective intelligence. When they are operating well, society is effective, productive, and nimble in addressing crises. When … Continue reading

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Immigration laws and others not enforced

Look at what I wrote more than 15 years ago. many laws are the legal equivalent of oxymorons – legamorons, if you will. A legamoron is any law that could not stand up under widespread enforcement. Laws against marijuana use … Continue reading

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The Anti-tribal tribe

David Fuller writes, Recently a new meme started doing the rounds on the Internet — the “Intellectual Dark Web”. The phrase was coined by the mathematician Eric Weinstein. It seems to have caught on — showing that whatever it is, quite a few people … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts on worker exploitation

He writes, When free-market types like myself hear about a worker who is made uncomfortable by inappropriate language or inappropriate physical contact on the job, our usual response is: quit. You don’t have to work for a crude, or worse — abusive … Continue reading

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TLP makes a cameo appearance

in a new book by Eunice and Sabrina Moyle, called Be the Change. In the section of the book that discusses political activism, they write, Arnold Kling says that people tend to act according to a dominant axis–a trade-off between … Continue reading

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Trump and TLP

Handle points out that the emergence of Donald Trump has scrambled the model of the Three Languages of Politics. For example, Even since Trump started his campaign, it seems to me that the progressives have been using “civilization vs. barbarism” … Continue reading

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A metaphor for orthodoxy

From a commenter. this strikes me as the key value of conservatism: it gives people lots of index funds into which to sensibly invest their time, effort, and money. A well-civilized society has many, a barbarous one few. Traditional norms … Continue reading

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