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Politics as Religion

A commenter writes, “Politics as religion” is such a lazy argument because nobody has a definition of religion. It’s classic case of defining the obscure in terms of the more obscure. By any reasonable definition, a religion needs a transcendent … Continue reading

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Cheerleading vs. Analysis

Mike Rappaport writes, While I found Kling’s idea quite interesting, I should say that in my own mind all three of these values (as well as others) are important. I am a consequentialist libertarian. I start with liberty as the … Continue reading

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The Case for Moderation

Stefanie Haeffele-Balch and Virgil Henry Storr write, Moderation does not necessarily mean adopting moderate policy positions. [Adam] Smith is not suggesting we compromise our political views and values. Instead, he is suggesting that we think about how we present these … Continue reading

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TLP update

1. A talk I gave for Cato on the Three Languages of Politics. Why don’t I modulate more (i.e., vary my tone of voice)? I sound more boring than I am. 2. Ryan Bourne writes, The BBC is another example. … Continue reading

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Applied TLP

Megan McArdle writes, Trump has coalesced around himself the people who are most interested in order, leaving the people who are focused on freedom and coercion somewhat unmoored. There’s a place for that conservative thought: Crime is the ultimate barbarian … Continue reading

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Deirdre McCloskey’s manifesto

Pointer from Donald Boudreaux. The first thing in her manifesto that caught my eye was this: As [David] Boaz says at the outset of The Libertarian Mind, “In a sense, there have always been but two political philosophies: liberty and … Continue reading

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A conservative American President in Poland

President Trump said, Our soldiers still serve together today in Afghanistan and Iraq, combating the enemies of all civilization. …I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others … Continue reading

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Three Axes, individual reasoning, and social justification

A commenter writes, There’s one thing I’m still not clear about from the book. You distinguish talk from thought but … many readers do not make this distinction… Three antagonistic framings of issues that the three tribes use in a … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts on The Three Languages of Politics

He sketches the main ideas of the book, and then he uses the three-axes model to discuss the blind spots of each tribe. For example, Liberals first. In their eagerness to empathize with the victim, they can turn the victim … Continue reading

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The left, the market, and economists

In a recent exchange with Don Boudreaux, Bryan Caplan writes, The heart of the left is being anti-market. From the standpoint of the oppressor-oppressed axis, it may make sense to be anti-market. If you look at market outcomes, you see … Continue reading

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