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A podcast discussion with Bill Walton

Not that Bill Walton, although this one is plenty tall. Here we are. Starting with the 3-axes model, we go on to a wide-ranging discussion that was fun for me.

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Jonathan Haidt on the fragility of liberal democracy

He said, Here is the fine-tuned liberal democracy hypothesis: as tribal primates, human beings are unsuited for life in large, diverse secular democracies, unless you get certain settings finely adjusted to make possible the development of stable political life. This … Continue reading

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A sermon that spoke to me

Particularly starting around 4-1/2 minutes in.

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My TLP Regrets

I have two regrets about The Three Languages of Politics, both of which concern the cover. 1. I am really jealous of the graphic for Andrew Sullivan’s piece in New York Magazine. It depicts three separate clusters of sheep, with … Continue reading

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TLP Watch?

A reader points me to an article on conservative support for lawyers for indigent defendants. Over the past decade, Republican lawmakers across the country have passed bills to reform public defender systems in Louisiana, Michigan and Utah; similar efforts are … Continue reading

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Journalism races to the bottom

Bret Stephens said, Fox News and other partisan networks have demonstrated that the quickest route to huge profitability is to serve up a steady diet of high-carb, low-protein populist pap. Reasoned disagreement of the kind that could serve democracy well … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan on tribalism

He writes, I mean two tribes whose mutual incomprehension and loathing can drown out their love of country, each of whom scans current events almost entirely to see if they advance not so much their country’s interests but their own. … Continue reading

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Politics as Religion

A commenter writes, “Politics as religion” is such a lazy argument because nobody has a definition of religion. It’s classic case of defining the obscure in terms of the more obscure. By any reasonable definition, a religion needs a transcendent … Continue reading

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Cheerleading vs. Analysis

Mike Rappaport writes, While I found Kling’s idea quite interesting, I should say that in my own mind all three of these values (as well as others) are important. I am a consequentialist libertarian. I start with liberty as the … Continue reading

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The Case for Moderation

Stefanie Haeffele-Balch and Virgil Henry Storr write, Moderation does not necessarily mean adopting moderate policy positions. [Adam] Smith is not suggesting we compromise our political views and values. Instead, he is suggesting that we think about how we present these … Continue reading

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