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VDH versus Yuval Levin

Victor Davis Hanson writes, And yet, warts and all, the Trump presidency on all fronts is all that now stands in the way of the completion of what was started in 2009. We are no longer in the late 1950s … Continue reading

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Handle predicts a shakedown

He writes, That is, the capitalists will try to purchase respectability and pay off potential critics that could create real trouble for their businesses by buying ‘indulgences’ in the form of funding donations for certain prominent anti-capitalists, conspicuously and prominently … Continue reading

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Martin Gurri update

1. In a recent talk, he says, The question has been posed at this conference whether we are witnessing the rise of authoritarian or fascist governments. Among the old democracies at least, I believe the opposite is closer to the … Continue reading

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Social media and polarization

Levi Boxell, Matthew Gentzkow, and Jesse M. Shapiro write, If access to the Internet or social media use is a primary driver of political polarization among the U.S. electorate, we would expect to see greater changes in polarization among young … Continue reading

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Post-election tech guilt

The un-conference that I attended in San Francisco is over. I found it very stimulating. I am grateful to have been able attend. The format, which was very light on presentations and much heavier on discussions and informal conversation, was … Continue reading

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Provocative sentences about information overload

From James Williams, in an interview by Brian Gallagher. What’s happened is, really rapidly, we’ve undergone this tectonic shift, this inversion between information and attention. Most of the systems that we have in society—whether it’s news, advertising, even our legal … Continue reading

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Sentences about autonomous vehicles

Joshua Gans writes, Consider, for a moment, the notion that human error could be completely eliminated by having autonomous vehicles. Would we need car airbags? Would we need seat belts? Would we need the car to be reinforced to withstand … Continue reading

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Sentences lifted from the comments

1. A commenter writes, At the core of the problem is the reality that government and culture are both making American life a bit more complex and demanding an experience each year. We aren’t using expanded knowledge and technology to … Continue reading

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Speaking for Yuval Levin

Commenter Handle writes, Levin’s point is focused specifically on the right, and he seems to be saying that Anton is both living in and perpetuating the right’s pessimism bubble. Anton said that American conservatism – especially as someone would have … Continue reading

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Free speech means not having to lie

In a podcast with Russ Roberts, Megan McArdle says, as you pull those things in, you create this climate of everyone feeling like they have to lie, in public. And, what’s interesting about reading the Soviet, those Soviet era things, … Continue reading

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