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What do we mean by ‘working class’?

William Galston provides highlights from a Pew survey of how party support has shifted over the past twenty years. He writes, Democrats’ advantage in urban counties has shot up from 18 to 31 points, while Republicans have gone from a … Continue reading

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The libertarian non-moment (Kevin Williamson)

Kevin Williamson writes, But “libertarian” often means little more than “a person with right-leaning sensibilities who is embarrassed to be associated with the Republican Party.” (Hardly, these days, an indefensible position.) Libertarian sensibilities are popular because they enable the posture … Continue reading

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Where I get news

A reader asks, What sources do you use to gather “news”? I have become quite cynical and skeptical of most major news outlets. I am certain that one must consider multiple sources of news to gather a general understanding of … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Jordan Peterson

1. By Jordan Greenhall. It might very well be the case that 2018 will be known as the “Year of Jordan Peterson”. . . .Sovereignty is the capacity to take responsibility. It is the ability to be present to the … Continue reading

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Complicated vs. Complex

Jordan Greenhall writes, a complicated system is defined by a finite and bounded (unchanging) set of possible dynamic states, while a complex system is defined by an infinite and unbounded (growing, evolving) set of possible dynamic states. . . .In … Continue reading

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The game-playing society

My latest essay. During the industrial era, the key word was systematic. Factories and assembly lines turned production into a system. We invented the discipline of political economy, which analyzed the capitalist system. From Leon Walras in the 19th century … Continue reading

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Will Jews divorce the left?

The BBC prints a scathing letter from “Jewish leaders.” When Jews complain about an obviously anti-Semitic mural in Tower Hamlets, [Labor leader Jeremy] Corbyn of course supports the artist. Hizbollah commits terrorist atrocities against Jews, but Corbyn calls them his … Continue reading

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William Galston on immigration, sovereignty, and populism

He writes, make peace with national sovereignty. Nations can put their interests first without threatening liberal democratic institutions and norms. Defenders of liberal democracy should acknowledge that controlling borders is a legitimate exercise of sovereignty, and that the appropriate number … Continue reading

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Too much political identification

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein writes, I’m no fan of postmodernism, but I somehow doubt that this obscure academic ideology is responsible in any meaningful way for our post-truth woes. For one thing, the writings of postmodernists are so opaque and filled … Continue reading

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Not your 1960s protests

Barton Swaim writes, a walkout is supposed to be an act of rebellion, of resistance. It involves risk. Like a strike at a factory—if you participate, you might get what you want or you might lose your job. The Enough! … Continue reading

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