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Restrict Supply, Subsidize Demand

The Los Angeles Times reports, Home builders are not keeping up with demand for homes in California. There just aren’t enough homes being built relative to the growing number of households in California. What is the “solution” to this supply … Continue reading

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Empirical Public Policy

James R. Barth and Stephen Matteo Miller write, Testing whether it is good policy to increase bank capital requirements from 4 percent to 15 percent requires calculating and comparing the benefits and costs of such a change. Across all tested … Continue reading

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Sugar and the Kling Public Choice Theory

Glenn Reynolds writes, Government policies promoting sugar, in no small part, got us into this mess. Without the government’s recommendations to avoid dietary fat that led to increased sugar consumption, many Americans would probably be thinner, or at least less … Continue reading

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Montgomery County (Md) Politics

A commenter asks, You’ve mentioned many times that Montgomery is owned part and parcel by the teacher’s unions. . .what aspects of county government do they control, and how? Don’t take my word for it. Take theirs. “It was the … Continue reading

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The Economics of a Border-Adjustment Tax

Timothy Taylor writes, Most countries around the world and all high-income countries other than the United States have “border adjustments” in their tax code, but a key point to recognize is that border adjustments are typically part of a value-added … Continue reading

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The Demand for a Shaman

From my review of a recent book by Sandra Peart and David Levy. I am more concerned with the Shaman problem. Given a choice between an economist who claims to have a low-cost solution to a problem and an economist … Continue reading

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Noah Smith on Higher Education Policy

He writes, As long as the number of available college spots remains roughly fixed, reducing the price of college will have only a very modest effect in creating broad-based economic opportunity. My recommended solution is to focus on increasing the … Continue reading

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Crony Non-profitism

Jeff Bergner writes, Like the Sierra Club and other environmental groups, the NRDC receives grants from the federal government both directly and indirectly. In addition, it participates in a process referred to as “sue and settle.” It brings lawsuits against … Continue reading

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An Odd Hurdle for Tax Reform

Steve Lohr writes, Mr. Auerbach’s approach, embraced by the Brady proposal, will also face a hurdle at the World Trade Organization. Among its provisions is to allow American companies to deduct domestic wages from taxation, which makes it less costly … Continue reading

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A Congressional Regulation Office?

Philip Wallach and Kevin R. Kosar write, The office would have two core functions. First, it would perform cost-benefit analyses of agencies’ significant rules, which number around a hundred per year, in order to provide a disinterested check on agencies’ … Continue reading

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