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Two stories about Shake Shack

1. CNBC reports, [Shake Shack founder Danny] Meyer has long been an employee advocate, going so far as to eliminate tipping at his full-service restaurants last year in favor of compensating staff so they don’t need to rely on tips. … Continue reading

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Scott Winship on labor-force participation

From a summary of his research: Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) makes the argument that the decline in prime-age male labor is a demand-side issue that ought to be addressed through stimulative infrastructure spending, subsidized jobs, wage insurance, and … Continue reading

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Should we miss the working class?

Brink Lindsey writes, people are not machines, and they don’t like being treated as such. By inducing millions of people to take up factory work and creating a social order in which those millions’ physical survival depended upon their doing … Continue reading

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Occupation and Gender

Justin Fox writes, If you are one of those who believe that men are congenitally disposed to prefer working with things and women to prefer working with people, these numbers offer some support for your position. Some support? If you … Continue reading

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Wages and Perks

Megan McArdle writes, Both the supply curves and the demand curves for labor have been undergoing substantial transformations that may simply have shifted the economy to a new equilibrium. Which is an economic jargonish way of saying this may be … Continue reading

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Why American Cities Cannot Compete on Cost

Handle comments, if a company can move some operations even 50 miles away from a high price place, then why not move them to the cheapest feasible place? …If a job doesn’t have such distance-limitations regarding interactions with other humans, … Continue reading

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Noah Smith on Labor Supply and Demand

He writes, What is a better theory of the labor market? Maybe general equilibrium (which might say that immigration creates its own demand). Maybe a model with imperfect competition (which might say that minimum wage reduces monopsony power). Maybe search … Continue reading

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Consequences of Internal Free Trade

Dietrich Vollrath writes, The scale of the relative job changes, though, indicates that more of the losses have to do with free trade within the US than free trade outside of the US. The areas with relative decline lost 13 … Continue reading

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Erik Hurst on the Labor Market

In a podcast with Russ Roberts. Self-recommending. An excerpt (there were many to choose from): in earlier periods, manufacturing jobs were, you know, slowly going away. But at the same time, population was growing. So new young people could come … Continue reading

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Wither Factor-Price Equalization?

Elisa Giannone writes, The interaction of SBTC [skill-biased technical change] and agglomeration economies imply that more educated locations have larger skill premium. High and low-skill workers have some degree of complementarity, so, agglomeration effects raise the wages of all the … Continue reading

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