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Hansonian medical checkups

Toshiaki Iizuka, Katsuhiko Nishiyama, Brian Chen, and Karen Eggleston write, despite the significant increase in medical care utilization at the borderline threshold, we find no evidence that the additional care improves health outcomes. This is true both for intermediate health … Continue reading

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Relate this to Tobin’s q

Justin Fox reported, Ocean Tomo calculates intangible assets simply “by subtracting the tangible book value from the market capitalization of a given company or index,” so the rise in intangibles since the 1970s is in part just a reflection of … Continue reading

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The Dark View of Schooling

Bryan Caplan thinks that schooling is not about education. He thinks instead it is about signaling. Bryan’s view is benign compared with John Holt. society demands of schools, among other things, that they be a place where, for many hours … Continue reading

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We Are Still Tribal

Robin Hanson writes, People quite often find it prohibitively hard to talk merely because different groups have gotten into the habit of talking differently, even though their concepts could be translated without great difficulty. And members of these groups often … Continue reading

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John Cochrane on Health Care

A reader asked me to comment on Cochrane’s essay from October 18. The title of the essay was “After the ACA,” which might indicate that Cochrane mis-forecast the election. To make a long story short, I agree with his economic … Continue reading

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