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Off Topic: Cultural Appropriation and Dance

Ira Stoll is angry about a NYT interview with an Israeli modern dance choreographer. Israelis stole folk dancing from the Palestinian Arabs in an act of “cultural appropriation,” The New York Times claims. I think that he is over-reacting. In … Continue reading

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Interesting sentences

From Michael Strong we see increased prevalence of depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia across time and culture. Our genetic heritage has clearly not changed and yet the incidence of mental illness is changing. Read the whole thing.

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Quotation of the Day

Politics also reflects the new division. In the United States suspicion or resentment is no longer directed to the capitalists or the merely rich. It is the intellectuals–the effete snobs–who are eyed with misgiving and alarm. This should surprise no … Continue reading

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The clustering of the world

Razib Khan writes, Serbia has a much stronger affinity with Russia, Croatia is in Catholic Europe, while Slovenia seems more like Northern European nations than Croatia. You have to go read the whole thing. He discusses a cultural map of … Continue reading

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Want to hear some dark views?

1. Try Shane Greenstein. Just talk to any parent. It is too easy for children’s curiosity to lead them to the sleazy online square, and every parent now worries whether a child has enough sense to handle a disingenuous text. … Continue reading

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Russ Roberts on social control of sexual conduct

Noting that Matt Lauer could be fired but Al Franken and John Conyers could not, he writes, There’s an irony here. The government, which imposes regulations and other restrictions in a top-down way across the whole economy, has a strange … Continue reading

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Martin Gurri watch

He might have said, Perhaps the single most destabilizing political development since the WW2 has been the destruction of ruling class prestige by the Internet. But in this case, the quote is from Richard Fernandez.

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Crowded and Unsanitary

Glenn Reynolds writes, It wasn’t until you crowded thousands, or tens of thousands of them, along with their animals, into small dense areas with poor sanitation that disease outbreaks took off. Instead of meeting dozens of new people per year, … Continue reading

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Martin Gurri update

1. In a recent talk, he says, The question has been posed at this conference whether we are witnessing the rise of authoritarian or fascist governments. Among the old democracies at least, I believe the opposite is closer to the … Continue reading

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Social media and polarization

Levi Boxell, Matthew Gentzkow, and Jesse M. Shapiro write, If access to the Internet or social media use is a primary driver of political polarization among the U.S. electorate, we would expect to see greater changes in polarization among young … Continue reading

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