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Bitcoin and the prospects for a dollar collapse

For Medium, I take a skeptical view of the value of Bitcoin as a hedge against hyperinflation. For citizens looking for hard assets, gold is not the only option. Other commodities, such as copper or wheat, are traded in futures … Continue reading

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Cantercap Charlie on finance and the 2008 crisis

He wrote, if banks are doing their job, the banking system is illiquid, and the rest of the economy —us— have lots of cash. In Econ 101 this is known as “maturity transformation.” Liquidity-wise, the banking system is simply the … Continue reading

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Complexity illustrated by the financial crisis

This IGM poll of leading economists on the importance of various factors in the financial crisis of 2008 provides interesting results. The poll lists 12 factors, and all of them receive at least some positive weight. In fact, this under-estimates … Continue reading

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Regulatory miscalculation

Two examples. 1. Stephen Matteo Miller writes, While these findings do not establish that the Recourse Rule caused the financial crisis, they are consistent with the view that the rule encouraged securitizing banks, especially the largest ones, to hold the … Continue reading

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The CBO gets worse

John Taylor writes, The second CBO procedural change was to discontinue the use of the “alternative fiscal scenario” in the long-term projections There is more at the link. I think that CBO modeling is way over-rated and biased toward interventionist … Continue reading

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Debt and the economy

Kevin Erdmann comments, Debt isn’t a sign of risk taking. Equity is. The reason Ford has lots of debt isn’t because risk-seeking shareholders demand that they leverage up. Risk-seeking shareholders buy unleveraged Tesla shares. The reason Ford has lots of … Continue reading

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Stanley Fischer, pre-crisis

He writes, We have a better capitalized and more liquid banking system, less run-prone money markets, and more robust resolution mechanisms for large financial institutions. However, it would be foolish to think we have eliminated all risks. For example, we … Continue reading

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Is Illinois the trailer for the debt movie?

I assume you have been following the story. Illinois is now grappling with $15 billion of unpaid bills and an unthinkable quarter-trillion dollars owed to public employees when they retire. This would be the third year in a row that … Continue reading

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Two Thoughts on William Niskanen

I had only one close encounter with him. That was when he went to a Congressman’s office to argue against TARP and he invited me to join in the meeting. My observations about him: 1. He was highly principled. If … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading

Two books that attack conventional economic modeling, especially in light of the financial crisis. I have a preview copy of Economics for Independent Thinkers, by Daniel Nevins. I have a review copy of The End of Theory, by Richard Bookstaber. … Continue reading

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