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Rhetorical Questions About Education, Grades 7-12

Responding to stories about police and student discipline, how hard it is to sit in class all day, and how many high-school graduates are unprepared for college. 1. How much would somebody have to pay you to be a teacher … Continue reading

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Jonathan Haidt on Political Bias in Sociology

He is quoted by Chris Mooney as saying, When the facts conflict with…sacred values, almost everyone finds a way to stick with their values and reject the evidence. On the left, including the academic left, the most sacred issues involve … Continue reading

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Images for the Graphic Novel Version

Of the Three Languages of Politics. 1. From Lorenzo. 2. From Peter Frost via Ron Unz, Thanks to readers for providing the links.

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The One-Axis Model of “Scott Alexander”

It is thrive-survive. The left thinks in terms of what it will take to thrive, and the right thinks in terms of what it will take to survive. What he is trying to do is explain why the two tribes … Continue reading

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David Brooks’ Economic Priorities

Dean Baker writes (The post is unsigned, so it might not be Baker), we get Brooks telling us: “The government should reduce its generosity to people who are not working but increase its support for people who are. That means … Continue reading

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Remembering the Suits vs. Geeks Divide

I’ll provide a post-mortem on my appearance at this panel on whether or not to break up the banks after I’ve had more time to reflect. Prior to the panel, I Googled one of the other panelists, and I found … Continue reading

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Robert Solow and Russ Roberts

On this podcast. As many commenters point out, Solow has a lot of acuity (and stamina!) for someone aged 90. I think that in their discussion of what people believe in macro and why, I prefer Solow’s rendition. I think … Continue reading

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Joshua Gans on Apple Pay and Market Power

He writes, So last week, in some of these stores you could use Apple Pay. This week in CVS and Rite Aid you can’t. The reason appears to be that a bunch of large retailers got together a couple of … Continue reading

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Matthew Yglesias on Amazon and Market Power

He writes, What is indisputably true is that Amazon is on track to destroy the businesses of incumbent book publishers. But the many authors and intellectuals who’ve been convinced that their interests — or the interests of literary culture writ … Continue reading

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Research Findings Support Change-the-Gender

Therese Huston writes in the NYT, Neuroscientists have uncovered evidence suggesting that, when the pressure is on, women bring unique strengths to decision making. …the closer the women got to the stressful event, the better their decision making became. Stressed … Continue reading

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