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Thoughts on profits

I put this essay up on Medium. I like the concept of Medium. I would like to be able to reach some people who are on the left. Everyone seems to love the juvenile, anti-capitalist rants that people put up. … Continue reading

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Disaggregating the economy/New Commanding Heights watch

A chart from Jeff Desjardins shows the largest employer in each state. The results: Wal-mart is the largest in 22 states. A health care network is the largest in 12 states. A university system is the largest in 11 states. … Continue reading

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Disaggregating the polity: frontier culture

[UPDATE: clarifying definitions. In the paper below, the frontier is by definition very sparsely settled. Also, “Greater Appalachia” as Woodard uses the term describes the Scots-Irish who gradually spread westward, not simply people born in what we now call Appalachia] … Continue reading

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John Ioannidis on Economics

Self-recommending. But here is an excerpt. Most empirical data do not come from experiments but from non-experimental sources such as surveys and routinely collected information. Along with Chris Doucouliagos and Tom Stanley, my research center examined 6,700 empirical studies encompassing … Continue reading

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Work becomes optional

John Coglianese writes, participation has changed along an understudied margin of labor supply. I find that “in-and-outs”—men who temporarily leave the labor force—represent a growing fraction of prime age men across multiple data sources and are responsible for roughly one … Continue reading

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Disaggregating the economy using big data

When do you suppose that the following sentences were written: Should we worry about a computerized creation that plays to our unconscious? How vulnerable are we to these increasingly refined sales pitches? They come from Michael J. Weiss, on p.25 … Continue reading

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David Brooks on the siege mentality

He writes, The siege mentality starts with a sense of collective victimhood. It’s not just that our group has opponents. The whole “culture” or the whole world is irredeemably hostile. As Handle points out, Brooks seems to be siding with … Continue reading

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Disaggregating the economy: product scanner data

David Argente, Munseob Lee, and Sara Moreira write, In this paper, we exploit detailed product- and firm-level data to study the sources of innovation and the patterns of productivity growth in the consumer goods sector over the period 2006Q3–2014Q2. Using … Continue reading

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Disaggregating the Polity: Colin Woodard

He wrote a book called American Nations, which I just read for the first time. He offers a model of America as having a culture that can be thought of as eleven different nations, each dominant in particular geographic regions. … Continue reading

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Disaggregating the economy: Yelp data

Edward L. Glaeser, Hyunjin Kim, and Michael Luca write, Our results highlight the potential for using Yelp data to complement CBP by nowcasting – in other words, by shedding light on recent changes in the local economy that have not … Continue reading

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