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Helpful sentences on Bitcoin

From Adam Ludwin: crypto assets are a new asset class that enable decentralized applications. …A decentralized application is a way to create a service that no single entity operates. …bitcoin, for example, isn’t best described as “Decentralized PayPal.” It’s more … Continue reading

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The next tech giant

Benedict Evans writes, There probably won’t be a technology that has 10x greater scale than smartphones, as mobile was 10x bigger than PCs and PCs were bigger than mainframes, simply because 5bn people will have smartphones and that’s all the … Continue reading

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The Abundance Apocalpyse

Kevin Drum writes, I want to tell you straight off what this story is about: Sometime in the next 40 years, robots are going to take your job. I am reluctant to engage in this sort of economic science fiction … Continue reading

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More sentences lifted from the comments

1. On disciplined software development: There’s a trap here. The trap is that is the “visible disciplined rules” are how the business actually works, AND that the business CAN work with visible disciplined rules in its market. …So perhaps Freddie … Continue reading

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Sentences lifted from the comments

1. A commenter writes, At the core of the problem is the reality that government and culture are both making American life a bit more complex and demanding an experience each year. We aren’t using expanded knowledge and technology to … Continue reading

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Speaking for Yuval Levin

Commenter Handle writes, Levin’s point is focused specifically on the right, and he seems to be saying that Anton is both living in and perpetuating the right’s pessimism bubble. Anton said that American conservatism – especially as someone would have … Continue reading

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The Elastic Economy and the Great Moderation

Alex Tabarrok writes, Since the great recession ended, growth in real GDP has been much less volatile than in the 1950s to 1980s. Indeed, volatility has been lower even taking into account the great recession. He goes on to point … Continue reading

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Free speech means not having to lie

In a podcast with Russ Roberts, Megan McArdle says, as you pull those things in, you create this climate of everyone feeling like they have to lie, in public. And, what’s interesting about reading the Soviet, those Soviet era things, … Continue reading

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What happened to the center?

James A. Lindsay And Helen Pluckrose write, When polarization is deep, the large and only slightly differentiated middle that normally has nothing to do with anti-modern extremists is repeatedly forced to take sides against whichever is, from their perch, easier … Continue reading

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Yoram Hazony on classical liberalism

He writes, Modern classical liberals, inheriting the rationalism of Hobbes and Locke, believe they can speak authoritatively to the political needs of every human society, everywhere. In his seminal work, “Liberalism” (1927), the great classical-liberal economist Ludwig von Mises thus … Continue reading

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