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Un-taxed Owners of Corporate Shares

Steven M. Rosenthal writes, In a report published today in the journal Tax Notes, my Tax Policy Center colleague Lydia Austin and I found the other three-quarters of shares now are held in tax-exempt accounts such as IRAs or defined … Continue reading

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Market Entrepreneurs and Policy Entrepreneurs

One way to look at the issue of markets vs. government is to compare the relative strengths of entrepreneurs operating in the market with that of entrepreneurs operating through government. I think that this issue can be addressed along several … Continue reading

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Carlos Lozada Reviews Yuval Levin

Lozada writes, So how do we go about strengthening families, religious organizations, schools and all those mediating institutions? Levin’s recommendations are aggressively vague, and where they get specific they seldom surprise. He calls for a “mobility agenda,” with economic growth … Continue reading

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Four Forces and Urbanism

Justin Fox writes, Basically, urban life is becoming a luxury good in much of the U.S., in part because there isn’t enough of it to go around. Pointer from Mark Thoma. I think of this in terms of the four … Continue reading

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Martin Gurri on Elites vs. Democracy

He writes, The elites’ loss of faith in democracy is directly proportional to their heightened loathing of the public. According to Cohen, the public is susceptible to “greed, prejudice, ignorance, domination, subservience and fear.” It worships political thugs like Donald … Continue reading

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Idiosyncratic Housing Market Perspective

Kevin Erdmann, whose comments on this blog are much appreciated, wrote There wasn’t even a housing boom. We all just decided to freak out about the one type of homebuilding that was growing – single family units for sale – … Continue reading

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The Problem of Ignorance

Two recent discussions. 1. David Harsanyi wrote, by weeding out millions of irresponsible voters who can’t be bothered to learn the rudimentary workings of the Constitution, or their preferred candidate’s proposals or even their history, we may be able to … Continue reading

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Scott Alexander Puts Me in His Corner

On the subject of poverty, he offers a two-by-two matrix to classify viewpoints. On one axis, you can think that the capitalist system is basically competitive or basically cooperative. The former view is that it creates winners and losers. The … Continue reading

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Preview of My New Book

From the May-June issue of Cato Policy Report (I did not write the preview, or even read it before it came out, but it provides a good foretaste). while Kling’s primary audience is other scholars of economics, his writing also … Continue reading

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Will the Media Notice the Libertarian Party?

David Boaz writes, Lots of Republicans are looking for a sane alternative to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and it looks like the Libertarian Party has just given it to them, now that former Massachusetts governor William Weld has joined … Continue reading

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