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Martin Gurri on Donald Trump

He writes, The right level of analysis on Trump isn’t Trump, but the public that endows him with a radical direction and temper, and the decadent institutions that have been too weak to stand in his way. The American public, … Continue reading

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Why Are Taxis Inefficient?

James Hamilton writes, A new study by Judd Cramer and Alan Krueger at Princeton found that only 40% of the miles that taxis drive in Los Angeles and Seattle are spent carrying a passenger someplace the person wants to go. … Continue reading

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Honor, Face, Dignity, and Victimhood

Jorg Friedrichs writes [UPDATE: link fixed], In short, status is more salient for honor and face than for dignity cultures. In honor cultures, hierarchy is like a “pecking order” with “cockfights” rife among status-anxious rivals because the honor code requires … Continue reading

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Three Axes to Explain Terrorism

The front page of today’s WaPo has me thinking about this. First, there is the story of the massacre of Christians on Easter in Pakistan.Along the libertarian freedom-vs.-coercion axis, the preferred explanation is blowback. That is intervention by western governments … Continue reading

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Genghis Khan on Macro

Stanley Fischer said, one of the major benefits that were expected from the introduction of inflation-indexed bonds (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, generally called TIPS), namely that they would provide a quick and reliable measure of inflation expectations, has not been borne … Continue reading

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Thomas Sowell on Liberal Fascism

He writes, government control of the economy, while leaving ownership in private hands. That way, politicians get to call the shots but, when their bright ideas lead to disaster, they can always blame those who own businesses in the private … Continue reading

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Reconstituting the Administrative State

Ilan Wurman writes, whenever an agency or independent commission wants to make a new rule, it must submit the rule directly to Congress by a certain deadline. Congress would then have three options for responding. First, Congress could take no … Continue reading

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Three Axes Explains Soda Taxes

Catherine Rampell writes, Why not just target the output, rather than some random subset of inputs? We could tax obesity if we wanted to. Or if we want to seem less punitive, we could award tax credits to obese people … Continue reading

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Quantifying Consumers’ Surplus

Tim Kane writes, Simply put, the WTA value of modern things is vastly higher than older, more tangible, more commoditized goods. I have conducted some preliminary, not-ready-for-peer-review research and discovered a huge gap differential WTA stands for “willingness to accept,” … Continue reading

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Frank Conroy Interviews Me

For his economic rockstar podcast. I wish that I had given shorter, crisper answers. Many of his questions were interesting, particularly the one about why there seem to be so many interesting economists at George Mason.

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