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The Contemporary Campus

I watched this panel with Charles Kesler and Peter Wood live. I thought it was well worthwhile, and I recommend viewing it, all the way through the Q&A. At one point in his presentation, Kesler waxes nostalgic for the New … Continue reading

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Grumpy Monetary Theory

John Cochrane writes, The value of money is set by how much there is vs how much people expect the government to soak up via taxes — or bond sales, backed by credible promises of future taxes. If the government … Continue reading

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The Secular Decline in Real Interest Rates

Lukasz Rachel and Thomas D. Smith write, Our analysis suggests the desired savings schedule has shifted out materially due to demographic forces (90bps of the fall in real rates), higher inequality within countries (45bps) and a preference shift towards higher … Continue reading

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Some Global Demographic Analysis

The IMF’s David E. Bloom writes, Ninety-nine percent of projected growth over the next four decades will occur in countries that are classified as less developed—Africa, Asia (excluding Japan), Latin America and the Caribbean, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Africa is … Continue reading

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A Handle Comment

He writes, 1. My vision of the future is indeed that the political parties will divide up the middle class into two groups of ‘beggars’ fighting each other for a bigger slice of the pie. And I agree that government … Continue reading

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The Case Against Occupational Licensing

Edward Rodrigue and Richard V. Reeves write Since state licensing laws vary widely, a license earned in one state may not be honored in another. In South Carolina, only 12 percent of the workforce is licensed, versus 33 percent in … Continue reading

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The Agony of the GOP, 2016

My take on the Barry Goldwater debacle is derived from a book I read 50 years ago by Robert Novak, called The Agony of the GOP, 1964. The book was to tap the market that Theodore White found with “The … Continue reading

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All Interventions Work?

This year’s Economic Report of the President has a chapter on improving outcomes for disadvantaged children. It surveys the literature and finds that, in short, everything works. There is not a single program identified as not providing significant benefits. There … Continue reading

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Jerry Taylor Trolls Libertarians

He writes, Were libertarians to ungrudgingly accept the case for a more adequate social safety net (a case, after all, accepted to some extent by libertarian heroes F. A. Hayek, Milton Friedman) and give up on their blanket, dogmatic opposition … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky on Sanders-Trump

Shirky writes, Social media has turned Republican & Democratic Parties into host bodies for 3rd party candidates. Thanks to a commenter for the pointer, although Tyler Cowen also saw it.. The analysis strikes me as very Gurri-esque. And get this … Continue reading

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