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Reader Questions on the Three Axes

Taken from the comments on this post. Are Stalinists and Nazis nothing but progressives and conservatives who are willing to use extreme coercion to get rid of oppressors or barbarism, respectively? My initial inclination is to leave Stalin and Hitler … Continue reading

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Year-end Stories

In 2005, I listed five stories that I thought would have long-term significance: productivity; cognitive neuroscience, solar power, cancer therapy, and mainstream media meltdown. All five were areas where the trends were not clear. My inclination at the time was … Continue reading

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Rent Vs. Buy

The New York Fed’s Jason Bram writes, current rent levels, mortgage rates, and property tax rates make it difficult to account for the high prices of Manhattan co-ops and condominiums in 2011 without assuming an expected future price appreciation of … Continue reading

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Peter Suderman Predicts the Fiscal Cliff Outcome

This essay appeared almost three weeks ago. just as the doc fix has become a yearly congressional ritual with no end in sight, it may be that many of the temporary policies of the fiscal cliff become permanent fixtures on … Continue reading

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College Admissions Officers

Conor Friedersdorf writes, To imagine that today’s college-admissions officers can step outside the failings of humanity, making subjective judgment calls in secret with racial enlightenment that is unprecedented in human history, is folly. It may have seemed possible and even … Continue reading

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James Kurth on Conservatism

He writes, The economic and fiscal thinking of the Tea Party movement had much in common with that of traditional American conservatism, and with theorists such as Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises. It had much less in common with … Continue reading

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Adverse Consequences of the Internet

Jaron Lanier warns of them, in a story by Ron Rosenbaum. he [Lanier] singled out one standout aspect of the new web culture—the acceptance, the welcoming of anonymous commenters on websites—as a danger to political discourse and the polity itself. … Continue reading

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Exaggeration in Political Stereotypes

Jonathan Haidt’s latest. The ideological “culture war” in the U.S. is, in part, an honest disagreement about ends (moral values that each side wants to advance), as well as an honest disagreement about means (laws and policies) to advance those … Continue reading

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My Election Post-Mortem

In this essay, I attempt to channel Winston Churchill. Romney’s campaign was cautious and uninspired, with no chance of glory in either eventuality. Had he instead said in plain terms that our government is broke and offered specific, bold steps … Continue reading

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Activities vs. Results

Edward Glaeser writes, The U.S. has six large programs — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers, unemployment insurance and the earned-income tax credit — spread across four Cabinet departments and the Internal Revenue Service. Pointer from … Continue reading

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