A metaphor for orthodoxy

From a commenter.

this strikes me as the key value of conservatism: it gives people lots of index funds into which to sensibly invest their time, effort, and money. A well-civilized society has many, a barbarous one few.

Traditional norms as an index fund. I like that.

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2 Responses to A metaphor for orthodoxy

  1. Slocum says:

    I like the analogy. Although I have to say that when I started putting my retirement account money into index funds after I got my first real job, the idea hadn’t been around all that long. What has since become a conservative, default choice was — not all that long ago — an innovative challenge to the orthodoxy.

  2. Daws says:

    Are corporatist industrial and economic structures worth keeping around once time-tested in wealthy societies, for this reason?

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