Bad Demographic News for Libertarians

Timothy Taylor writes,

Married households with children were 40.3% of all US households in 1970; in 2012, that share had fallen by more than half to 19.6%. Interestingly, the share of households that were married without children has stayed at about 30%. Other Family Households, usually meaning single-parent families with children, has risen.

I am afraid that the number of households married to the state has soared.

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2 Responses to Bad Demographic News for Libertarians

  1. R Richard Schweitzer says:

    Over at currently is a post with references to the work of the scholar Emmanuel Todd on the effects of family forms on cultures, social organization and civilization. That and Alan MacFarland’s “Origins of English Individualism” offer further considerations of what these statistics can indicate for the future.

  2. Sam Grove says:

    I think it’s bad news for everyone.

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