The Winner of the Health Care Policy Thread

Is Josh Barro

health care is 1/6 of our economy, but nobody wants to spend 1/6 of their income on it.

That is an even pithier version of my one-liner, which is that as individuals we all want unlimited access to medical services without having to pay for them, but collectively that is not sustainable.

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10 Responses to The Winner of the Health Care Policy Thread

  1. asdf says:

    If healthcare is 1/6 of our economy, 1/6 of our society and anyone else connected to that 1/6 will never tolerate it shrinking.

    • Andrew' says:

      IMHO, It doesn’t need to shrink, it needs to shift. I asked my doctor who was my spouse’s family doctor and I was new to at the time about nutrition. He said “don’t worry about that, I have never seen a single person with a nutrient deficiency.” Not long later he prescribed my Father-in-Law vitamin D. I asked him about cancer and said don’t worry about it. I stopped asking, but I don’t expect a refund if I get cancer or have a nutrient deficiency.

  2. Tom Cooper says:

    PJ O’Rourke said something like, “We have a constitutional right to get someone else to pay when we want to go to the doctor.”

    • Andrew' says:

      The worst part of life is overhearing a civilian talk about their insurance.

      But on the other hand, every time someone says “there is no way Joe six pack can deal with the complexity of healthcare” I think about how people love talking about their personal problems from a zillion different angles to figure it out.

  3. kingstu says:

    I really want free government so all politicians should work for free.

  4. Andrew' says:

    Why isn’t there a functioning Healthcare loan market?

  5. Lord says:

    Few think anyone should die from a treatable condition for lack of money. That’s what it means to be a necessity rather than a luxury. It is the division between necessity and luxury that is difficult, and necessity needs some value placed on it to make it essential, not just desired. Those are social judgments.

    • Andrew' says:

      So, I need some drugs that I know I need. I am required to get assessed for about $600, then the drugs and re-assessments, prescriptions, etc. How much will it cost to get a tiny little chemical I know I need? Why does it cost this much?

      This is the kind of ____ we are actually talking about. Emergency services are trivial, and hopeless cancer treatments are irrelevant in that everyone knows they should not be allowed to bankrupt everyone.

      • Lord says:

        It is the cost of developing and learning what works on the expectation that eventually the cost becomes minor. Enough people want to live forever to make this politically viable.

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