The Best of Economics

by Arnold Kling

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  1. Introduction
  2. Growth Arithmetic Cheat Sheet
  3. Growth Theory

  4. Growth Across Time
  5. Growth in Different Countries
  6. An Economic Calculation: Should You Buy a Vacation Timeshare?
  7. Capital and Rental Cost
  8. Opportunity Cost, Profit, and Comparative Advantage
  9. Scale and Substitution
  10. The Production Function and Aggregation
  11. Accounting for Growth
  12. Success and Failure of Social Systems
  13. Mathematical Growth Models
  14. The Rich and the Poor
  15. Practice Questions on Capital, Comparative Advantage, Scale, and Substitution
  16. Practice Questions on the Production Function, Growth Facts, and Growth Accounting
  17. Practice Questions on Growth and Social Systems, Mathematical Growth Models, and Wealth and Poverty
  18. The entire chapter (for printing)

    Saving, Finance, and Social Security

  19. The Real Interest Rate and Annuities
  20. Pensions and Social Security
  21. The Economics of Social Security
  22. Basic Financial Calculations
  23. Efficient Markets and the Portfolio Theorem
  24. Futures and Options
  25. Personal Finance
  26. Corporate Finance
  27. The entire saving chapter (for printing)

    Markets (Microeconomics)

  28. Introduction to Markets
  29. Consumers and Utility
  30. Relative Prices, Demand Elasticity, and Leisure
  31. Borrowing, Lending, and Human Capital
  32. Producers and Profit Maximization
  33. Efficiency, Supply and Demand, and Market Clearing
  34. The Gains from Trade
  35. Tariffs and Quotas
  36. The Problem of Monopoly
  37. Public Goods
  38. Some Classic Policy Issues
  39. Money Vs. Barter
  40. The first half of the markets chapter (for printing)

    The second half of the markets chapter (for printing)


  41. Introduction to Macroeconomics
  42. A Basic Macroeconomic Equation System
  43. Fiscal Policy
  44. Investment as an Endogenous Variable
  45. The Trade Balance as an Endogenous Variable
  46. The Real Exchange Rate as an Endogenous Variable
  47. The Real Interest Rate as an Endogenous Variable
  48. Inflation as an Endogenous Variable
  49. Employment and Unemployment
  50. Macroeconomic Policy Challenges
  51. Theoretical Controversies
  52. Macroeconomics chapter (for printing)

    Information Economics

    NOTE As of 9-30-02 these sections have not yet been written. Look for them to appear before the end of 2002. Meanwhile, I have written extensively on these topics for TechCentralStation. See my essays, particularly the more recent ones (near the bottom of the lifxst of essays).

  53. Moore's Law
  54. Moore's Law and Economic Growth
  55. Asymptotically Free Goods
  56. Network Effects
  57. Asymmetric Information